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Programs Committee

Informative, entertaining programs are at the heart of Ad 2 Madison’s dedication to its members. The Programs Committee puts on quality programming that fosters actively interested membership, well-attended meetings and membership growth and helps to raise money for the club. The Programs Committee does everything from acquiring speakers to working with the Communications Committee to promote events managing the venue to assisting with check-in services.

Responsibilities include:

  • Planning educational and social programming throughout the club year
  • Recruiting speakers
  • Securing venues
  • Working with the Secretary/Treasurer on budgeting for events
  • Working with the Fundraising Committee on event sponsorships
  • Working with the Communications Committee on promoting events

Are you known as the “Party Planner” in your group of friends? Then we need you!

Membership Committee

Representing the organization at every event is the Membership Committee. We are the “social butterflies,” working hard to show all members the value of their investment in Ad 2 Madison. This committee is dedicated to getting the member base involved through variety activities and programs designed to enhance club membership recruitment, retention and involvement.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing the membership process/database
  • Developing membership materials
  • Hosting the annual membership drive
  • Creating new ways to recruit new members
  • Promoting involvement of current and new members


Fundraising Committee

Ad 2 Madison depends on the support of sponsors to grow. Through sponsorships, the organization has the ability to generate membership materials, conduct fundraisers and donate a marketing campaign each year to a local non-profit organization.

Event sponsors allow Ad 2 Madison to provide members with low-cost and free opportunities to attend networking and educational programs by donating venues, food/beverages, printing and prizes.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing a sponsorship campaign, including collateral
  • Identifying and soliciting sponsors to support overall or committee needs
  • Negotiate venue-use, food/beverages, prizes, etc. for Ad 2 events
  • Maintaining contact list of sponsors
  • Delivering upon sponsorship agreements


Public Service Committee

The Public Service Committee selects a non-profit organization within the Madison, Wisconsin area and acts as their advertising agency from July through June in anticipation of the annual Ad 2 National Public Service Competition. Depending on the organization’s needs, the committee does a full campaign for the year and/or plans a list of projects ranging from creative design to media planning and public relations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Selecting a non-profit organization for Ad 2 Madison to support
  • Building a diverse Public Service Committee to create and execute a campaign for the non-profit
  • Researching, planning and completing the campaign, covering areas such as:
    graphic design, media planning, public relations, account service, web/social media
  • Presenting the campaign at the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition, competing against other Ad 2 clubs.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee develops communication efforts for updating and keeping in touch with members, prospects, students and the local community. Stay in touch with the industry by helping us provide the latest local news with regular email updates and social media mentions. The Communications Committee also assists our other committees with their communication endeavors.

Responsibilities include:

  • Creating content to post on Ad 2 Madison’s Facebook page or Twitter feed
  • Submitting events for consideration on local online and print calendars
  • Designing house ads and internal promotion to include in weekly email blasts
  • Work with membership to maintain accurate email contact list
  • Event photography or videography for posting on Ad 2 Madison website and social media
  • Create original online content for web site or email blasts such as member spotlight interviews or event recaps


Creative and Web Committee

The Creative Committee aids with the branding and appearance of all Ad 2 Madison communications.

Responsibilities include:

  • Branding for programs and other events
  • Designing Ad 2 Madison collateral materials
  • Assisting Public Service Committee with campaign as needed
  • Aiding other committees with creative needs

The Web Committee manages our website, and makes sure that the website is up to date. The web committee posts upcoming events, updates, and other information to the website.

Responsibilities include:

  • Keeping up to date
  • Working with Committee Chairs to keep committee sections on up to date
  • Training Programs and Membership Chairs on using the Events and Membership sections of


Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee plans projects and programs designed to increase the minority representation and participation in Ad 2 Madison.

Responsibilities include:

  • Educating new members on the diversity of the organization
  • Planning at least one diversity focused event
  • Recruiting members and leaders who represent the make-up of the population
  • Working with all committees to make sure everyone’s interests are met


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